What is a Template?

In our context a template a piece of static code which is used by an image application to generate a web gallery. Usually the template consists of HTML code which includes a few tokens (place holders). The image application replaces these tokens during the gallery generation process with the image information so that all links and image references result in a working HTML gallery.

What is the EOS Template?

EOS stands for Enhanced Ordering System. With this template you are able to generate a complete stand-alone shopping cart system for selling your photos (or any other products). The client's interface is any current web browser which can be used online or offline. The functions and design are highly customizable.

How does it work?

The Web/HTML gallery generator of your favorite image application will use the EOS template to automatically generate an image gallery with an enhanced order capability. The generated gallery consists of HTML and JavaScript code, so it can be viewed with all current web browsers. You can upload the gallery to your homepage or save it to a CD-ROM. Your clients can browse through the pictures and place their orders. You can enable various checkout options like a print-out, save to file, local e-mail or enhanced e-mail (online). You can ask for the client's credit card details and charge it later or you offer one (or more) of the many included interfaces to secure online payment services (in no particular order):
There is also a complete description of the workflow available.

Which Software does it require?

The EOS template is currently available for the following image applications (in alphabetical order). Click on each name to see their 'Getting Started' page.

These programs are not part of the EOS template and must be purchased separately. We have links to their websites available. A comparision chart of all applications is in the works!

Furthermore a text editor with syntax highlighting would be helpful for editing the settings text file though it is not necessary.

Which Platforms are supported?

That depends on the image application you are working with. It has nothing to do with the template! If you want to use BreezeBrowser or IMatch you need a PC with Windows. Photoshop CS/CS2 and iView MediaPro are available for Macs too. And JAlbum runs on nearly all platforms since it is written in Java.

Note that it makes no difference for the resulting web gallery where it has been created. Once it is online it can be viewed from any platform.

What Knowledge do I need?

You need to know how to generate a web gallery with your image application. This is usually explained in the product's documentation. You do not need knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. All customization is done by editing text files. Though these files are in fact JavaScripts it's easy to understand how to modify them. Once the gallery is generated you need know how to upload it to your web server.

I'm interested - where can I get more information?

Note that all EOS related pages offer a navigation menu (drop down menu) on the top of the page where you can find more information.